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Ever since man discovered that they could brew alcohol, it has featured in every human civilization. From as far back as 7,000 BC when the Chinese and Egyptians started making meads of their own to the Indians preparing rice wine in 3,000 BC, alcohol has practically been around forever. On the other hand, cannabis or marijuana has also been around for a long time but it was mostly used as a medicine when it was first found in 2,800 BC. For thousands of years, alcohol has always remained the more popular option when it comes to self-intoxication. However, we could soon see all that changing and it comes from a very unpredictable source – Generation Z.

Gen Z, a.k.a. Zoomers are the group of people born in the late 1990s or early 2000s. According to a study conducted in the US, it seems that Gen Z prefers to consume marijuana rather than alcohol – and the numbers are continuously rising for the former. The study took 16 years for the researchers to conclude and was done on people aged between 18 and 22 years. Initially, the study was conducted in 2002 and was then redone in 2018 to compare.

While the number for Teetotalism (abstinence from alcoholic drinks) was found to be at 20 percent back in 2002 among university students, that number rose to 28 percent when the poll was conducted again in 2016. Outside universities, the numbers went from 24 percent to 30 percent for the same age group. One of the biggest factors for this significant decline was found to be that Boomers (people who were born between 1946 and 1964) never really understood drinking limits and would almost never drink in moderation. Fortunately, that is exactly what Gen Z understands and they also understand the health complications that come with heavy drinking.

But why is the younger generation choosing marijuana over alcohol?

Women are the biggest consumers of legal cannabis?

The legalization of weed in the United States of America is still an ongoing process but more states have opened up to the legal use of marijuana. Today, 19 states have completely legalized cannabis while many have decriminalized its use and have allowed medical use of the plant. Because it has become so much easier to get a hold of, people are choosing marijuana over alcohol all across the country – and even parts of the world. According to a survey done recently, women make up the majority of the cannabis product market in the US and those numbers are steadily rising. Why? One major reason is the number of options available today.

About 30 years ago, marijuana was sold very discreetly and in small plastic bags that were quickly hidden in a backpack or in the pocket of your jeans. Today, with the legalization of it, cannabis is sold openly and legally practically anywhere you look for it. Beyond the availability, marijuana today can also be found in different forms – oils, beverages, chocolates, gummies, capsules, and even skin care products. Edibles are probably the most commonly seen and used form of cannabis today. The fact that you can literally be walking down the street and pop a gummie into your mouth without anyone even knowing has drawn a lot of females to the “green movement”. It is a lot easier than rolling a joint and lighting up, right?

While the variety of products has attracted more women, it is also the packaging for these products by the various companies that have seen a significant rise in their sales. And as we know, the packaging is one of the biggest factors behind products being sold today with more brands opting to go the “less is more” or “minimalist” way when it comes to wrapping up their goods. Neutral colors, clean and crisp fonts, and simplistic designs make the medical marijuana products of today easy to distinguish and find. Brands like KIVA, Mindy’s, Do Drops, Cloud 11, and Incredibles are just some of the names that stand out for their exceptional branding and taste.

Combining choice and aesthetically pleasing packaging not only helps cannabis companies evolve, but it attracts a lot more female users. Adopting easily understandable as well as easy-to-use products has made it so much more convenient for all medical marijuana users in the country. Surveying a group of women showed that they were more confident in purchasing legal marijuana from licensed dispensaries rather than meeting “a friend of a friend” in some random place. Buying from a licensed shop also means that women can rest assured knowing that the cannabis they purchase is of the highest grade. Given the fact that medical marijuana is so easily available, women are indulging in it everywhere from Hartford to Sioux Falls, and most other states in the country.

Gaming and Medical Marijuana

Another factor behind the significant increase in female cannabis users could also directly relate to video games. Yes, we have seen women enter the gaming world long before the pandemic hit, but there was a massive rise in those numbers once the lockdowns started and people got bored sitting at home. More women started playing and streaming their gaming sessions across the country and we feel it had a huge connection with the rise in cannabis use as well. Although it’s energy drinks that get them through some of the most intense gaming sessions, hardcore gamers opt for medical weed to get their nerves back to a calm state when the monitors are turned off. We have already discussed how cannabis relaxes the mind and body and that is exactly what fierce gamers need after a couple of hours of uninterrupted focus.

So, is Gen Z doing it right? Is medical marijuana the better option or is alcohol (in restricted amounts) the way to go? We already know the benefits of alcohol are quite few while cannabis consumption has some real benefits to it. Whether it’s depression, chronic pain, nausea, back pain, anxiety, hypertension, or even chemo, medical cannabis can help you fight back and find some relief.