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Medical cannabis has been creating waves throughout the United States, and South Dakota is no exception. In the heart of South Dakota lies an emerging haven for medical cannabis cultivation right in the state capital of Pierre. We were privileged enough to get an inside look into Bad River Cannabis’ operations and dispensary. The experience was nothing short of enlightening. Their dedication to cultivating high-quality cannabis for medical use is a testament to the growing importance of this sector. In this post, we’ll take you through the highlights of our visit, focusing on their cultivation methods.

The Cozy Dispensary

Our first stop was the dispensary. A quaint, yet fully-equipped hub, this dispensary is Bad River Cannabis’s storefront. It had the quintessential warm ambiance and offered an array of products primarily from their own brand. With a mission to provide the best for medical needs, they have expanded their portfolio by introducing products from other brands like From the Hills and High Hills. This expansion is indicative of their commitment to catering to the diverse needs of the medical cannabis community in the South Dakota area.

Behind the Scenes with Rob


Our experience was elevated when our charismatic guide, Rob, arrived to take us through the cultivation side of things. This, I must say, was the highlight of our visit. Rob’s expertise and passion were evident as he walked us through the intricacies of Bad River Cannabis’s cultivation process.

The cultivation facility, housed in a sizable building, boasted several rooms – from seedlings and vegetation to the pivotal flowering room. The array was staggering – clones, research and development; you name it, they had it.

Embracing Living Soil

A remarkable detail that stood out during the tour was their use of living soil. Though not the only cultivator in South Dakota utilizing this method, it’s still a commendable practice. Living soil, rich with organic matter and microorganisms, closely replicates natural conditions, ensuring the plants flourish. Bad River Cannabis also has their soil tested in Ohio after each harvest, further affirming their commitment to quality.

Quality over Quantity: Pre-rolls

Another insight we gained was regarding the quality of their pre-rolls. Instead of the commonly used stems and shake, Bad River Cannabis uses genuine flower. This practice ensures a more potent and enjoyable experience for the medical cannabis consumers across South Dakota.

Embracing Mother Nature

In addition to their indoor operations, Bad River Cannabis has an outdoor grow, which was fun to see. The outdoor cultivation area adds an extra layer of natural growth conditions and allows the plants to thrive in a way that can only be achieved under the open sky.

A Bright Future Ahead

Bad River Cannabis is still in the early stages but already shows immense promise. They are meticulously fine-tuning their operations to cultivate the very best quality cannabis. Moreover, they have an exciting lineup of new strains coming up, which medical cannabis aficionados should keep an eye on.

In conclusion, Bad River Cannabis represents the very best of what South Dakota has to offer in the realm of medical cannabis. Through their commitment to quality, natural cultivation methods, and continuous innovation, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the medical cannabis landscape in the region. As consumers become increasingly discerning about the products they use, Bad River Cannabis is determined in delivering top-notch medical cannabis. Keep an eye on this rising star as they continue to elevate cannabis cultivation in South Dakota.