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As of February 2022, Medical Marijuana has been legalized in 37 out of the 50 states in the USA. That means more people can now easily and legally access their required amount of cannabis without having to pay extra or face annoying obstacles along the way.

If you are a resident of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Flower Shop Dispensary is a great way to get your medical marijuana or even get your medical marijuana card made quickly. They are the 1st selected medical marijuana dispensary in Sioux Falls and provide only the best medical-grade cannabis for all their patients.

However, there are a lot of skeptics out there that think medical marijuana is just a poor excuse for getting high. In reality, though, medical cannabis has more than a handful of benefits – especially for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, seizures, epilepsy, glaucoma, and even cancer to name a few. So, whether you’re from Hartford, Harrisburg, Tea, or Sioux Falls, here are some of the benefits of medical marijuana.

Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

  1. Stress Relief

Anyone who has stress issues knows how difficult it can be to get rid of or even reduce it when it attacks. Some people believe a warm bath will do it, and some believe in light reading, but no matter what your choice, the stress is only subdued for a while. Medical marijuana on the other hand is known to alleviate stress almost instantly. Pair it with your preferred choice of stress relief and you are destined for a relaxed period of time. Go for a walk, play a game, read a book, or enjoy a meal – it doesn’t matter what you do after lighting up, but you will surely be relaxed while doing it. Next time you have a stressful day, use your prescribed cannabis to smoke the stress out.

  1. Muscle Relaxation

Anyone who has heard of cannabis or done any research about it knows that THC is the primary cannabinoid chemical derived from the plant. THC also works as a muscle relaxant which makes it extremely effective when the body is tense or tight. Medical marijuana not only reduces mental stress but also physical stress so next time you find yourself feeling tensed up or cramped, allow the cannabis to work its magic. You could also do some light stretching, work out, or even do yoga after your dose of cannabis and feel the tension leave your body.

  1. Relax and Recover

“Marijuana” or “cannabis” has always been considered a harmful drug but it has a lot more health benefits than one might think. The human body is designed to enter into a fight or flight state whenever it is faced with a difficult situation. Cannabis on the other hand is known to put the body and its nervous system into a rest and digest state when required. While prescribed drugs protect the body from diseases and illness, medical marijuana helps the body focus on recovery and gets the mind in the right state to facilitate that recovery faster.

  1. Anti-Inflammation

As we discussed earlier, THC is the primary cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, there are many compounds in the plant that help the body relax and recover. When these cannabinoids work together, they have incredible anti-inflammatory properties which the body uses to fight off stress and tension. These anti-inflammatory properties push the body towards quicker healing and recovery so that our minds and bodies are left feeling relaxed – even after a stressful few hours/days/week.

  1. Reduces Vomiting and Nausea after Chemotherapy

Cancer is an illness that has plagued the world forever and while treatment for it is available today, the side effects of those treatments are just as devastating. Studies and tests have shown that the use of cannabis helps reduce nausea and vomiting that come after chemotherapy treatment. While it is difficult for anyone dealing with cancer, there is little relief for those patients who can use cannabis to keep sickness away for just a bit.

  1. Focusing on the Moment

It is not rare to associate the use of marijuana with the feeling of being unfocused or disjointed (no pun intended). However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, in some cases that is. Proper use of cannabis can help your mind focus on the task at hand and transfer all your attention to it. Medical marijuana is a great way to get your brain and body to focus on whatever you’re doing. Taking a walk, watching a movie, cooking a delicious meal, or even playing a strategy game can all be enhanced after using a bit of cannabis.

  1. Relieving/Redirecting Pain

Pain can come in all forms – from a simple pinky toe banging into the corner of a table to a severe back pain that stops you from quickly getting off the couch. While medical marijuana doesn’t get rid of the pain, it does redirect the brain to focus on something other than the affected area. Medical cannabis users have claimed that the use of it has reduced pain ailments and the benefits outweigh most of the alternative treatments they have used.

  1. Mental Health Benefits

Mental health has become a major talking point in the last few years and people are taking it more seriously now than ever before. The study of mental disorders and the use of cannabis for it has been gaining a lot of popularity around the world with some of the disorders being depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Although it hasn’t yet been proved to be an effective medical treatment, cannabis can help minor mental health issues.

  1. Managing Body Weight

You might be thinking that the use of cannabis gives you the munchies, which in turn forces you to eat more, and eventually gain more weight. But that isn’t the case – or so it seems. The BMI (Body Mass Index) of cannabis users was found to be a lot lower than those who refrained from it – even though the marijuana users would consume more calories. It is thought that cannabis actually boosted cellular metabolism and burned more calories while doing mundane activities.

  1. Benefits of CBD

We have already mentioned the benefits of THC but CBD is another cannabinoid compound that is beneficial in so many ways. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces seizures, and lowers stress and anxiety just like THC but the former does it all without euphoria. Essentially, you get all the benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being high or impairing your senses. CBD can be used alongside THC to get the best possible results and longtime marijuana users have been making the jump from cannabis to CBD since it was first introduced.

As you can see, medical marijuana can help in numerous ways to get healthier – physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you are in the Sioux Falls area, visit the Flower Shop Dispensary this summer to get your prescribed cannabis without any hassle. You can even apply for a Medical Marijuana Card and get your quota through a simple-to-follow 5-step process described on the Flower Shop website. So, head on over or contact the Flower Shop Dispensary today for all your medical marijuana needs.