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Although anti-drug enthusiasts would persuade you into believing that puffing a joint would turn you into a red-eyed crazy monster, you will be amazed to know what good it can do for you.
Because there are still many states that have not fully legalized the herb, scientists and their continuous studies and research are now beginning to bring to light, the advantages of cannabis and what and who it can benefit if used on a large scale. Apart from feeling good when using it for recreational purposes, marijuana comes with some surprising upsides to it. Let us take a look at a few benefits of cannabis – prepare to be astonished.

Marijuana Keeps You Slim, Or At Least It Helps You From Getting Obese
A recent study in a well-known journal that focuses on obesity claims that a non-smoker of cannabis is more likely to be obese than a regular smoker. Most of us are aware that weed smokers tend to get hungry more often, especially after smoking a fatty. However, even after gormandizing on an entire bucket of fried chicken, the dope smoker will still stand a better chance and not becoming obese than a non-smoker. It is said that individuals with a low BMI are known to have fewer body fats which means they are at low risk of developing diabetes and are considered healthy. We are still unsure, but some researchers think that cannabis helps boost our metabolism which in turn helps in keeping us healthy and fit. This means burning calories without putting on any extra weight and without exercising.

Cannabis Can Improve The Functioning Of Your Lungs
As they say “Smoking is bad for the lungs” but that’s not the case when it comes to smoking weed. There is a huge difference between weed smokers and cigarette smokers and it is said that weed smoking helps in the proper functioning of your lungs when compared to those who smoke tobacco. It is even better when compared to those people who haven’t touched a cigarette in their life. Researchers have extensively studied the case and have mentioned in the American Medical Association Journal that puffing long and taking long drags of weed helps in training the lungs to stay stronger and more efficient.

Marijuana Helps Increase Your Creativity
Scientists carried out a study in the year 2012 on the subject of Consciousness and Cognition in which they found that smoking cannabis made people more innovative and ingenious – especially in terms of how well they spoke. The scientists investigated the effects on each person after smoking weed to help measure their level of creativity. Over 150 people were tested on day one and day two with and without smoking weed. After the investigation, it turned out that the weed helped in heightening the verbal fluency of the individuals. Alongside being creative, cannabis also helps in keeping you focused and attentive, whether it’s while watching a movie or eating a meal, it helps you stay mindful too.

Athletes Perform Better with Cannabis
Gordy Megroz, a famous contributor to the Outside, did a quick study on whether marijuana helped athletes in their performance and recovery. Some might think his research was not very scientific but he did find out that his workout sessions were fairly better and more energized on the treadmill and he wasn’t as sore as he would normally get after performing a rigorous session of squats. He also stated that the effects of smoking weed lasted up to 48 hours after his workouts and also helped with his pains and aches even when he was not high. This is why medical marijuana is so popular when it comes to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Marijuana Can Help Kill Cancer Cells
With the US government approving the use of cannabis to help in the shrinking of cancer cells, cannabis enthusiasts have considered it a victory. People from all across the US including states like New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and more have now been informed via an official page of the government advice that Cannabis has proven to kill cancer cells in the lab. Although the discovery of its effects has been seen only in rodents, there is still not much evidence to state that patients suffering from cancer symptoms can ingest cannabis as a regular treatment.

Cannabis Is Safer Than Drinking Alcohol
It is safe to say that smoking a joint is much safer than drinking alcohol studies say it is 114 times safer to be more precise. Compared to all other drugs, as per the Journal of Scientific Reports, cannabis is the safest available today and is less harmful than alcohol. The authors of these reports have been studying a variety of drugs including cocaine, heroin, tobacco, crystal meth, alcohol, and cannabis. So you can now imagine how safe this herb can be for you.

Marijuana Helps Keep You Relaxed, Free From Anxiety And Stress
Some might suggest that there is nothing better than smoking a joint when it comes to reducing stress and tension. However, for those who choose to spend their time doing nothing and just relaxing, cannabis can help your body get the break it needs. It is always recommended to start slow and steady and not overdo it. Along with mental relaxation, cannabis also helps reduce physical tension – for this, we have to thank the THC present in cannabis which acts as a primary muscle relaxant. Cannabis can also help people who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and depression. This herb promotes your mental health and keeps you happy and stable.

Cannabis Can Help You Give Up Heroin
A recent study has found that smoking cannabis helps patients go off drugs like heroin which is not good for the body and mind. Researchers at Columbia University kept a close track of patients that were undergoing treatment for heroin addiction and they found out that the ones who smoked weed were able to sleep better, were less anxious and flustered, and were able to complete their treatment. They were also able to gather that patients taking dronabinol- a drug that contained THC which is an active agent of cannabis, were able to deal with their withdrawal symptoms effectively.
Great going, now that you have read through the health benefits of this heavenly herb, you are more aware and wiser about the conditions and advantages that cannabis has to offer. However, you must know that weed can be found in different forms, shapes, and sizes and can be purchased as chocolates, chewing gums, cookies, and even beverages too. Several licensed dispensaries deal with such products and one of the famous ones can be found in Sioux Falls in South Dakota where you can find an array of cannabis edibles to help you improve your health. Consult your local doctor to gain more information and advice on what you need to do to get yourself onto medical marijuana.