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Medical marijuana has grown in popularity over the years and is one of the most trusted methods of curing several illnesses. Although most states across the US allow patients to legally access cannabis, there are still a variety of others that come with certain conditions that need to be approved before they determine whether it is safe and can be used.
There are several different illnesses and conditions that are the most common and that are instantly approved for utilizing medical marijuana. We shall take a closer look at some of these diseases and disorders in this list today, however, if you are in search of a particular condition and require authorization – it is best to check state-wise.

10. Cancer
As we all know Cancer is a dangerous disease that grows and spreads every day all across the globe. Researchers are currently still investigating the different ways in which medical marijuana can help treat the disease. However, most states are well aware of its unique ability to lessen the symptoms of cancer and other medical conditions related to it. These include pain, loss of appetite, and nausea. For other symptoms that are directly related to this dreadful disease, patients need to switch to cannabis products that include the strength of THC or CBD to help further.

9. Glaucoma
For those of you who do not know what Glaucoma is – it is a serious eye condition that can further develop into a loss of eyesight and permanent damage if not taken care of immediately. While there are still some ophthalmologists who are unsure of the benefits of cannabis for glaucoma patients, there are some stronger forms of the same that are easily available in the US, especially in states that are legal.

8. Epilepsy and Seizures
Epilepsy and seizures are very common conditions that are not age-specific and can happen to anyone. This disorder is rapidly growing and is an illness that can be reduced. While being approved in most states in the US, cannabis is popularly known for its ability to help with seizures. In a recent study in 2018, it was found that a cannabis compound called cannabidiol, which is known for its non-intoxicating characteristic, was able to reduce seizures in patients by up to 42%. For those below the age of 18 years, cannabis has been approved by a few states to help in treating pediatric epilepsy.

HIV/AIDS is one of the oldest treated conditions when it comes to medical marijuana. Known for its highly effective ability to treat the symptoms of AIDS, medical cannabis spread legally in most states to help people deal with the disease. Many states across the US have approved the use of cannabis for patients suffering from symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, and nausea which are common ailments when dealing with HIV/AIDS.

6. Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis is a deadly disease that takes the lives of most people suffering from it. It is an autoimmune condition that affects the brain and nervous system and gradually eats away at the protective layer that safeguards and covers our nerves. Symptoms that occur include loss of vision, fatigue, pain, coordination problems, and more. However, with the help of the use of cannabis, it has been clinically proven that patients have been able to experience several benefits. This medicinal product has helped patients reduce many such symptoms including insomnia, pain, depression, inflammation, and more while providing them with relief.

5. Pain
Pain comes in various types and forms, but which ones qualify as a condition that can be treated by cannabis. Many pain types are approved by most states in the US including Sioux Falls in South Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, and more. For those of you who wish to know if your specific type of pain falls under the above category then it is recommended that you check a state-wise guide. However, with that being said, there are several doctors that have done vast research and studies to determine that marijuana that contains a balance of both THC and CBD works the best and is most effective.

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Another very common condition that is growing every day is PTSD which is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder is related to anxiety and is experienced by patients with hypertension. It is often expressed as panic attacks, severe mood swings, and problems with sleeping. Cannabis has been found to help such patients with the above disorder and with the correct dosage which usually includes high amounts of CBD, it helps provide the patient with relief. It is also said that patients that intake cannabis before they sleep, are often known to fall asleep quicker, and sleep for longer hours without any nightmares and disturbances.

3. Neurodegenerative Disease
Neurodegenerative diseases including Huntington’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s have received approval for using medical marijuana for treatment. Patients suffering from such ailments often experience trouble with movement and mobility, muscle spasms, rigid muscle problems, and more. Using cannabis has helped such patients restore the overall quality of their day-to-day life by providing them with improved mobility, relief from muscle spasms, and more.

2. Nausea
Considered one of the most common conditions that are approved for medical cannabis, nausea features different types that can vary from state to state. Some states in the US have approved cannabis at a higher level than other states which may seek more severe and complex symptoms. To help with this disorder, it is recommended that patients take THC which helps with providing relief from vomiting. However, it is said to be careful of the dosage as too much THC can heighten nausea causing it to get worse and unmanageable.

1. Cachexia/ Wasting Syndrome
Most of you may not know what wasting syndrome is – it is a condition that causes severe weight and muscle loss including body fat. It is a common ailment that goes hand in hand with patients who are already suffering from HIV or Cancer. It brings about a loss of appetite which in turn leads to weakness and body fatigue. As discussed before THC helps with such symptoms and thus cannabis being rich in THC can reduce such symptoms. And as you may have already guessed, Cachexia is a common condition that qualifies in many states in the US.
With these ten qualifying conditions that are listed above, you are now aware of whether your condition or the ailment of a friend or family member falls into the approved category for utilization of cannabis. Now that cannabis has become legalized in most states, the benefits and advantages should be highlighted more to help those who are suffering. For those who suffer from any of the above conditions like nausea, pain, cancer, seizures, or any of the listed disorders, you can now choose from natural products and avoid the use of harsh chemicals to help deal with your health.